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Human Capital Group

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Accounting support

  • Comprehensive financial and tax accounting
  • Checking and restoring accounting records
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports
  • Maintaining accounting areas
  • Function of a chief accountant

Human resources services

  • Maintaining staff records
  • Staff audit
  • Restoring staff records
  • Military accounting
  • Setting up accounting from scratch

Payroll calculation

  • Calculation of all required employee benefits, taxes and deductions
  • Preparation of bank documents
  • Drawing up regulatory and customer standard reporting
  • Advice in the field of payroll calculation


  • Employee search and recruitment.
  • Employment in accordance with the law.
  • Accrual and payment of payroll.
  • Drawing up benefits, travel and sick pay, leave planning.


  • Development of a strategy and search for candidates.
  • Selecting candidates who best meet the company's requirements.
  • Providing information on the candidates recommended for interview, including curriculum vitae and qualifications.

Legal support

  • Advice on legislation
  • Development of contracts and transaction support.
  • Development of local regulations.
  • Organisation of claims work.
  • Preparation and registration of amendments to documents.
  • Conducting work on recovery of receivables.

Opening representative offices and branches

  • Advice on choice of business form.
  • Business tax planning.
  • Comprehensive legal support
  • Staff recruitment and outplacement.
  • Financial and tax administration.
  • Staff administration.

How we make your job easier


Независимость от ключевых сотрудников

Independence from key employees

A full-time specialist leaves for vacation, on sick leave, on maternity leave, retires and quits. Our specialist and consaltants are always ready to fulfill obligations.


Confidentiality and data protection

BPO Kazakhstan guarantees the protection of personal data of the company and its employees in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 certification.

Обработка пиковых нагрузок

Peak load handling

Submission of tax reporting and payroll does not paralyze the work of the client's financial service

Изменения в законодательстве

Changes in legislation

Our experts monitoring keep on track all changes in legislation, minimizing the possibility of errors and fiscal risks.

Ответственность за качество

Quality Responsibility

BPO Kazakhstan guarantees the quality of settlements and compliance with deadlines.

Защита от ошибок оборудования и ПО

Protection against hardware and software errors

We eliminate the need to invest in specialized software and hardware